Eyes are the window to your heart – With Google’s AI

Progress on the use case we shared earlier this Jan on predicting cardiovascular risks & blood pressure by scanning through the images of optic disc, blood vessels, etc of the patient’s retina


Google has further tied up with Verily life sciences & Stanford School of Medicine to bring the prediction level to 70% via deep learning neural networks scanning through the retina pixels



AI powered defence shield to stop Asteroid attack

Millennials at NASA leveraged deep learning to design a real time defence shield in space by correlating millions of asteroid images to predict the shape,size, spin axis, density, centre of mass, etc & potential deflection techniques across 800,000 possible orbits to ward off a possible asteroid attack


AI for diagnosing early signs of diabetes

By leveraging AI powered neural networks , doctors can soon do away with the intrusive blood pricks or pee strips to diagnose signs of diabetes.  Real time heart rate data from wrist blings / wearables (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Android Wear, etc)  can be put through the self learning neural networks to detect digital signature/pattern of a diabetic heart rate