AI powered defence shield to stop Asteroid attack

Millennials at NASA leveraged deep learning to design a real time defence shield in space by correlating millions of asteroid images to predict the shape,size, spin axis, density, centre of mass, etc & potential deflection techniques across 800,000 possible orbits to ward off a possible asteroid attack

AI for diagnosing early signs of diabetes

By leveraging AI powered neural networks , doctors can soon do away with the intrusive blood pricks or pee strips to diagnose signs of diabetes.  Real time heart rate data from wrist blings / wearables (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Android Wear, etc)  can be put through the self learning neural networks to detect digital signature/pattern of a diabetic heart rate


AI for tailored textbooks

Each child has a unique talent and learning curve so why force all students to cope with the standard pace and structure of the same printed textbook and teaching style.  Innovators at CTI (Content Technologies Inc) are applying AI / deep learning on associated raw data of a course (the core concepts of the course syllabus , textbook/web content, etc) to design and create tailored textbooks which can facilitate different patterns of learning